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Own projects

Our aim is to help multimodal logistics through our patented ideas. Our first project is named as "CONNECTAINER".


We are experts in Multimodal Logistics and Equipment. Ready to help you in your logistic projects.

The experience of some of our staff as consultants in different EUROPEAN PROJECTS as FLAGSHIP, E-FREIGHT and SYNCHRO-NET in H2020 is our best presentation card. 



born with the target of helping to improve in the efficiency within the multimodal logistics transport. Not all is invented, this is our premise, and we focus efforts and hard work into help, with our expertise and ideas, to develop new ways of "playing" into the logistics world, and try to find the way of making our business more efficient and more ecological.


Innovation in the multimodal transport to provide solutions that could made it efficient and less aggressive to the environment.
These achievements encourage sustainable international trade and social development.


In next 10 years our first product should cover the 5% of the global market of containers. In this moment, we should have been working in new developments and participating in projects to help in the multimodal logistic transport improvement.


The values ​​that the company will promote , respect and act as pillars on which sustain future growth they are:

1. Innovation , creativity and passion        2. Sustainability and environmental responsibility       3. Assessment , respect and commitment to people       4. Ethical management , with integrity and honesty          5. Social Responsibility