Connectainer in the Smart Ports Barcelona

November 19, 2019

#SmartPortsBCN have been an amazing opportunity to introduce Connectainer. Congratulations to Port de Barcelona and all the partner ports for the incredible organization and thanks for all the interest in our project to the assistants... The revolution of the empty container logistic is just starting... Visit our Linkedin Page and know more about us.

Reinventing the box

June 29, 2017

A new document about Connectainer published by PORT STRATEGY. ...It’s also possible to get much cleverer about shuffling boxes...

Less empty container movement will cut CO2 (The Manila Times)

August 21, 2016

Finding more efficient ways to utilize empty shipping containers to limit their movement around the globe will significantly lower CO2 and other green-house gas emissions, the head of a major intermodal firm said.

Jesús García López, the chief executive officer of Cadiz, Spain-based Connectainer Intermodal Solutions, said that about 21 percent of all containers moved per year are empty, and that the percentage stays fairly constant, so that as the total number of containers shipped each year increases, so does the number of empties.


Innovation: The Route To Green Shipping

June 27, 2016

A new paper from Jesús García López, CEO of Connectainer & Intermodal Solutions, explores how new forms of innovation can finally see the world get to grips with container shipping emissions and provide an efficient and healthy supply chain, as we strive to reimagine the ways in which we view the container.


One of the biggest challenges the port and shipping industry collectively faces is the repositioning of empty containers, with 24.1% of the total container transport volume empty units, which equates to 150 21,000 TEU vessels sailing non-stop for a whole year, yet three shipping industry experts believe they have found the solution.


New Container Design Eliminates Empty Transport by The Maritime Executive

November 08, 2015

A new container has been patented which is designed to eliminate the transport of empty units. The 20-foot container developed by Juan Ureta, Jesus Garcia and Francisco Aguilar, can be joined to other “Connectainers” to form a 40-foot container, or disconnected again, by two people in 30 minutes.

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