Around 1.000 Millions of USD / YEAR SAVED


Yes, this is not a typing mistake, this is the global estimated amount that the use of CONNECTAINER could save if the 15 major shipping lines change and optimizes the use of a 12.5% of their stock, based in our own comparative study.


We begin with the idea that not all services can be balanced with the use of CONNECTAINER. In fact, we estimate that only between 35% - 40% of the routes of each of the major shipping lines might be able to be optimized.

So, the idea is to use the CONNECTAINER units in those trades, and this will bring the possibility of saving near to a 70% of the empty repositions.


We have consider for our economical simulation report some important facts like:


1) HIGHER CONTAINER MANUFACTURING COST ( Including in this extra-cost the electronic displays).

2) HIGHER MAINTENANCE COST (Including in our calculations an economical budget as "repairing cost /piece lost" per unit and year).



It is important to remark that there are other additional "cost saving /

advantages" that we have NOT INCLUDED in our report, as follows:


- Less fuel consumption and/or charter saving in some trades due

   to smaller ships will be needed.

- Less cost on Suez Channel transit due to less high on deck.

- Shorter operatives, which means shorter stay at port and less

   waiting time for berth.

- Reduce Terminal congestions.

- Minimize the storage cost at Terminal for the empties.

- Reduce booking rejection due to lack of equipment, which means

   more freight invoiced.

- Enhance of client loyalty.


Would you like to have more details about our report and how we get those numbers? We would be pleased to attend you, please feel free to contact us...