AVOIDING more than 140.000 MT CO2 emissions every year


There would be a benefit in the reduction of empty reposition that could be clearly and easily calculated by simply accessing to one of the multiples on-line CO2 emission calculators. As example, we calculate the CO2 emissions of a 40 foot empty unit repositioned from Algeciras, Spain to Shanghai, China: the result is around 328 Kg per 40 in only one leg. We are talking about millions of units that yearly are doing this or similar movements, so it is easy to understand how important could be to find a solution that, at least, reduce the volume of empty containers moved.








Apart to this, and according to the information we gather from several terminals in different countries, the average of CO2 emissions related to container handling in a Container Terminal are above 6 kg / TEU.

We estimate that by using CONNECTAINER main lines could easily reduce worldwide empty  movements by a 30%.

With an easy operation, considering that the volume of TEUs moved empty in 2014 was 81,000,000, we get a figure of

145.800.000 KG of CO2

that could stop airing every year, only considering Terminal handlings.


But this is not the only way in which CONNECTAINER can help to reduce CO2 emissions. The reduction in empty repositioning will bring some collateral effects that will also result in less CO2 emissions as:


  1. The reduction of the time that vessels will stay in port. Less movements means less port operations time. Less stay will mean less CO2 emissions.

  2. Berth time reduction means less port congestion and less anchorage waiting time, thus more time will be available when sailing to next port at a more economical speed. As a consequence, Lines will emit less CO2 not only in port but during sailing.


The international Transport Forum web site shows an interesting and detailed report that shows the impact that the containership vessels stay at port represents:


Of course, alternatives are being considered in order to minimize the emissions, but usually those alternatives are expensive and ot all operators will consider use them.


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